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Our range of baby toys are all handmade and crocheted using 100% cotton yarn. Our range includes larger soft toys that are up to 50cm in height, or small hand rattles that are about 15cm and are the perfect grip size for a small hand. + Read more

Baby toys make the perfect gift

Our cute range of soft baby toys make the perfect baby gift for newborns to 2 year olds. Our range features a variety of animal characters, including bunnies, unicorns and owls, who will be a much loved first friend to any baby.

Our baby toys are suitable for a baby boy or girl and are an impressive and thoughtful first gift to bring a newborn. We know from experience that these toys will be hugged a lot, or they’ll become a treasured heirloom that will sit proudly in a child’s room for years to come. Whatever their destiny, we have designed them to be durable and last for years. They are even machine washable.

100% cotton – no nasties

At Baby Shop Online, we pride ourselves with using only the best quality, all natural fabrics and materials to make our baby essentials. Our range of soft baby toys are all handmade with 100% cotton fiber.  Our hand rattles also include wood, that hasn’t been treated with any nasty chemicals.

Handmade and crocheted with love

“How are these toys made?” They are handmade and crocheted by a talented team of craftspeople. We do checks on all our suppliers, and these handmade toys all come from ethical suppliers who make these toys

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